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Positive signs from Residential Land Index

The Knight Frank survey found that 70% of housebuilders thought Labour would enhance the market the most, with 30% supporting a Conservative agenda for the industry


Brownfield Scotland: Collaborative working and data advances overcoming challenges

Two themes stood out at the Brownfield and Regeneration Network Conference, Brownfield Land Scotland: collaborative working to compensate for less funding for investigation and remediation, and the improvement in data quality and management.

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Brownfield Land Scotland Conference - Roundtable Discussion Outcomes

Roundtables discussions at the Brownfield and Regeneration Network Conference, Brownfield Land Scotland, covered collaborative working, managing data, sustainability goals, site characterisation, risk communication, improving biodiversity and using derelict land.

Wolverhampton in brownfield competition

The challenge to incorporate an existing Grade II listed church and create a neighbourhood which will act as a catalyst in the transformation of the city

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BNG in force, but concerns over resources and targets

The Biodiversity Net Gain regime came into force on 12 February but property bodies and conservation groups express concerns over lack of resources and preparedness

Energy Department encourages nuclear sites on brownfields

The consultation is on the approach for assessing the potential suitability of sites for the deployment of new nuclear power stations and siting on brownfields appears favoured

Planning restrictions costing UK £138.5bn/yr says institute

Adam Smith Institute paper says liberalising planning restrictions would boost the welfare of every person by 6.5% if limited to London, and 11.7% if extended to all cities


Government changes brownfield policy to boost housebuilding

The government expects local planning authorities to give significant weight to delivering as many homes as possible, for proposals on brownfield and for the 20 towns and cities subject to urban uplift, where their Housing Delivery Test score falls to 95% or below, the presumption in favour of sustainable development applies

Evaluating remediation benefits through natural capital

The Environment Agency (EA) recognises that the full value of remediation in terms of the economic, social and environmental benefits is not well understood, and it is often viewed as a cost burden or liability. 


£51m for brownfield housing in Manchester

The funding is part of the agreement between the government and Greater Manchester over three years to release brownfield land for housing, and over half the 3380 homes will be affordable to Manchester people

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Biodiversity Net Gain starts on 12 February

BNG will be mandatory for new planning applications for major development (10 or more dwellings over over 0.5 ha site area) made under the Town and Country Planning Act (TCPA) 1990, subject to the confirmed exceptions

BPF wants special planning zones for brownfield

Conditions for development should be laid out at a zone-level, and permissions for individual buildings would not be required, speeding up the process of delivery, cutting risk and cost, and driving growth in areas in need of regeneration


Brownfield review: Buckinghamshire | Chatham | Coventry | Bilston | Sefton

A thousand homes for RAF Halton site, as Peel Waters develops Chatham Docks, West Midlands Combined Authority invests heavily in Coventry South and Bilston and Sefton Council starts building council homes after an 18 year gap

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Revenue and profits down at Hargreaves Services

Sales within Hargreaves Land have been slow, impacted by the wider property market, but with several post period end completions the outlook is positive

Tees Valley Mayor attempts to block evidence

He argues that the enquiries into allegations of corruption involving Teesworks and the South Tees Development Corporation from Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald should be dealt with by the review set up by Housing secretary Michael Gove and not by a Commons committee

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Scottish councillors say flooding policy stymies regeneration

The Framework adopted in February 2023 means no new development, except essential infrastructure and water compatible development, will be allowed on designated flood plains and councillors want to challenge SEPA

Coins or money (wikimedia commons and pixabay free images)

Steep rise in profits at controversial Teesworks

With pre-tax profits rising from £18.9m to £67m and no report from the inquiry, focus has been drawn to Teesworks


NPPF changes largely underwhelming

There are some positives in the package of measures released with the revised National Planning Policy Framework, but overall it is seen as a political compromise which is unlikely to see housing targets being reached


Twenty local authorities have plans for over 10% BNG

It represents a 33% year-on-year increase and councils with targets over 10% vary in where and how BNG is applied.

Gove overturns inspector and allows 2150 home brownfield scheme

In a letter, Michael Gove, refuting the building height argument said he considers the development would not appear excessively large in its context but would rather create a gateway position and create an appropriate transition in scale to the residential areas.

EADAROTH and Bristol Council progress UN Climate Challenge

Twenty-nine homes will be developed on small pockets of previously unviable land in residential areas using mainly UK based offsite construction materials

Brownfield review: Somerset | West Midlands | Sandwell

Somerset Council sells brownfield to balance books, while neighbours Bath and North East Somerset Council release greenfield sites, while West Midlands Combined Authority launches Homes for the Future, as Countryside square up for a fight at Sandwell.

Companies: MDC | Hub and Bridges | Coplan Estates | Wavensmere Homes | Balfour Beatty Vinci

The Manx Development Corporation (MDC) made a near £450,000 loss, but has no completions, while Hub and Bridges FM bag Bath brownfield for £18.5m, Coplan Estates and Welbeck CP set to develop Exeter Canalside, while Wavensmere Homes hits target as Balfour Beatty Vinci's groundwork for the HS2 control centre saves 54,400 vehicle movements

Leverhulme Estates’ case thrown out by High Court

High Court judge, the Honourable Mrs Justice Lang DBE said the planning inspector did not need to make a finding on housing supply issues and correctly considered the importance of the local plan.


Increasing the protection from radon gas

As construction and installation methods change, guidance on protective measures against radon gas intrusion needed updating. At our online Brownfield and Regeneration Network event, a range of speakers outlined the changes to BR211: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Dwellings.

Brownfield review: York | London | Leeds | Stockport | Wolverhampton | Ferrybridge

Developers chosen for York Central, Invesco Real Estate gets BTR loan, Aldar Properties acquires London Square, Cityheart gets Stockport site, City of Wolverhampton choses Wavensmere Homes, and Mountbank Logistics to develop Ferrybridge?

Brownfield survey: enthusiasm evident but plenty of barriers

Brownfield land was considered an opportunity and manageable risk by the vast majority, with only 10% saying it is to be avoided, but planning, site permitting, contamination and waste management were seen as prevalent barriers

CMA investigates land banking and planning

The CMA is seeking feedback on whether local competition is being negatively impacted in the areas where large amounts of developable land are controlled by a small number of housebuilders, and looking at the impact of zoning and rule-based development

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Government sets out biodiversity net gain hierarchy

Onsite improvements given more weight in latest Biodiversity Net Gain package released by the government, which sets out a clear hierarchy

Radiological investigations start at Forthside

The Ministry of Defence has started investigations as to whether there is radiological contamination following a century of military use at the site, with local councillors concerned over the cost of remediation and future site liabilities